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I’m only human

(Previously published on 2 February 2015)

If only I were a super hero, I would do many many things

I would defend the people of the world like Captain America

Time travel and change bits of my past I’m not proud of, like Xmen’s Kitty Pride

Add or minus some sun, rain, wind or snow each time I am unhappy with the British weather, like the mighty Thor of Asgard

Give myself a new heart each time mine is broken and needs mending, like the Invincible Iron man

Be forever young and quickly self heal from any illness, like Xmen’s Wolverine

Display some crazy reflexes and agility each time I’m in a fix not knowing what to do, like the Amazing Spiderman

And be super in just about everything, like the one and only Superman


But then I’m only human – doing things the human way, in human time

Being human means having no special powers but using what you have, the best way you can, to cope with what life throws at you

It means not knowing what tomorrow holds but being hopeful that your choices today will give you a good tomorrow

It means not being perfect but getting it wrong sometimes, and in fact many times

It means making more and more mistakes and some bad choices too, and coming to the reality that it is okay to miss it every now and then

It means admitting that I cannot do it on my own, but need the help of people, and even more a divine being


It means needing the gift of time to process things when they don’t go as planned, and whilst being conscious that time is finite

It means having many flaws and working through them, but acknowledging that somethings may never change about you

It means not necessarily liking your physique, but accepting that they make you ‘YOU’ anyday, anytime

It means acknowledging that other humans are also human and different from you, and that it is only in love that we can work through being different

I guess in totality it means being vulnerable and real, ordinary like everyone else; but yet unique and with purpose


So when I go wrong or do not meet up to par

Please forgive my inadequacies and give me an ‘extra mile’

For I’m only human with no super hero qualities

I’m only human; strong and weak at the same time

I’m only human; trying to work through being human

Yes I’m just human, and I’m not ashamed to say so


© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2015


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Vivian (Dr Viv) is as vivacious and full of life as her name ‘Vivian’ suggests. She is a Certified Coach, People Builder, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer with a passion for helping ambitious Leaders and individuals build resilience, rediscover their value and potential and thrive in work and life. She is also a Chemical Engineer by background (with a PhD), multiple award winning researcher, ex-management consultant with a top UK based Consulting firm and Founder, The Reset Squad. Inspired by her journey as a high achieving professional and recovering perfectionist who overcame major trauma, depression and sudden change, Vivian taps into her invaluable lessons learnt, to empower and help people reset, rediscover and grow through their experiences. She is the author of Shadows in the Mirror - The Many Faces of Depression and contributing author in Unzenable – A Guide to Stress Less and Be More. To know more, please check out the 'About Vivian' page. Vivian is also available to speak on or discuss issues you may wish to take further personally, or at events. Please use the 'Contact' page to get in touch. Thank you.

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