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5 things you probably forgot about time

(Previously published on 20 August, 2015)

Sometimes we go through things and wonder how we’ll get through. Many times we start out with life not knowing what will come next or how things will turn out; good or bad, easy or tough, commendable or not. Yet person after person, project after project, event after event and day after day, one common factor remains – Time.The measure with no finity; no end; no pause; no reversibility. Just progression. It stops things from happening all at once but still allows things happen.


I realised that there are many gifts that Time gives. Some require patience, and some perseverance. But the gifts do eventually come. Here are some of the things I have noted. I hope they encourage you.


  • Time heals:Yep! You probably have heard this a few times. I am a witness. Time heals. The pain you feel today will most likely not be felt the same way tomorrow. Time has a way of easing pain; healing wounds, healing relationships, mending broken hearts, and restoring lost hope. Time refreshes. It may not feel like it today, but I promise that you’ll soon not remember a lot of the hurt you feel today. Just give time – Time


  • Time reveals things:They say the past is history and the future a mystery. Time unveils truths; facts. It unwraps the future day after day, second after second. Time has a way of opening your eyes to things you wished you knew yesterday, but that make you wiser today. It will clarify issues and free you. You may not understand why things have happened the way they have, today. It may not always be easy waiting for an answer to “why”… but time has a way of explaining things, and setting the record straight.


  • Time creates stories:Yesterday happened because of time. Today is happening because of time… and tomorrow will happen because of time. Time tells tales. There is a story for each day and season, and it’s for this reason that you and I have a past, present and future. Your story today will likely not be your story tomorrow… But in the bigger picture of things, time gives your life chapters; chapters filled with tales to tell – good and bad, happy and sad, obstacles and victories . Time makes all the difference. So when you are going through a rough patch, remember – time is giving you a story for that chapter. With time,  a new chapter will open.


  • Time matures:Like a baby turns into a man (or woman), thanks to time, so do people grow and mature, relationships evolve, and hard work yield produce. Time matures people and things. Many good things take time. They often don’t happen in a day – no short cuts or quick wins. But time gives the gift of maturity, allowing room for seasons of being the learner or the teacher; being the sower, or the reaper.


  • Time gives chances:Time is always on the move. It can’t be reversed nor events rewound, but so long as you and I live, it gives room for fresh opportunities and fresh starts; chances to make good what went bad. Chances to turn good. Chances to sow good seed. Chances to be happy and live happy. Chances to make amends. Chances to be all you want to be. Of course, some things do get harder or more complicated the longer you leave them (do take note), and time never waits for you to do what you need to do, or grab opportunities that you should. But all in all, time says….”You get another chance this time. Don’t let it slide”


What gift are you enjoying?


**I’m thankful for the gift of TIME mindset**

Has Time given you a gift? Why not share in the comments box below…



© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2015


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