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5 reasons to be thankful for hard times

(Previously published on 11 May, 2015)

No one likes tough times – those periods in one’s life when everything you know including who you are, is tested; when life seems so unfair and all hell appears to have broken loose. They can be very draining and discouraging… and depending on what it is, even have health consequences. But here are five positive things tough times give. They are not often apparent in the moment. Albeit, I hope reminding you of them encourages you.


  • It brings out the stronger YOU: Truth is you don’t really know what stuff you are made of, until a need forces it out. When you have to fight, you’ll be shocked at how hard you’ll fight. And as they say – what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.


  • It shows you “who is who” around you: There are fake folks everywhere. Hard times only reveal people’s true hearts. Don’t cry or be shaken when people desert you in your tough moments, spread shocking rumours, or even laugh in your face. If anything – be thankful you have discovered the wolves from the sheep… and RUN FAR.


  • It gives you a story: People love a good story. Almost every great person has a story of how they overcame one or more obstacles in life to become a world changer. I’m so sorry you have to go through what you are now. But please hang in there. I promise you one thing – Your story will inspire others.


  • It makes you a teacher:Whatever you go through gives you experience that will likely make you someone else’s saving grace. You can always tell when someone is talking with head knowledge, and when someone is talking from experience. The latter always makes more impact. Of course you wish you didn’t have to go thru it, and someone else had been your saving grace. But hey! Your pain is not for nothing. Congratulations on achieving your teaching degree.


  • It gives you a broader perspective on life: Sometimes having it “all good” can give you a false perception of a perfect world. Did I say perfect? Yes. But hard times take you out of your shell and make you see life and the world for what it is – Not black and white; where life is a race and the journey an adventure. You get wiser for it.


Yea I know I said 5. But here is a bonus I could not resist…


  • It makes you a more compassionate person– I thought of saying loving or understanding, but I believe the word “compassion” says it all. When you have been through pain, you suddenly learn how important compassion is – how hurtful insensitivity is, and how important it is to encourage others (and yourself) in their journeys. You become better for it.


Remember – Everything has its season. I hope you get a reason to smile when it’s all over. Stay strong!


** It is all working out for good mindset**

Have you been thru something that ate at you but gave you new meaning? Why not share in the comments box below. 



© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2015


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