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Who are you?

(Previously published on 12th January 2015)


So who are you? Sound funny? Let me explain……

In recent times I have come to see how so important it is to know who you are.

I have found that many of us are shaped by culture, what we’ve studied, our circle of friends, our religion and even our experiences… And that is natural, but the truth is a lot of people end up just conforming to the expected, throwing away the individuality that is YOU.

And so the question remains ‘Who do you know that you are?’

In my little life so far I have recognised how people’s words have a way of defining and giving you a false reality of who you are. Even I have experienced it. Many have become failures not because they are failures, but because someone reiterated the fact that they are a failure. Same way people can flatter you about being good at something you really are not good at, and when the flattery stops one day or you find out the truth, you are suddenly in a limbo about your potentials…

Fact is if you do not know who you are, other people will feed you words that make you who you are not. You will be amazed at how so much the mind can be oriented by what you hear.

Many of us walk in the shadows of ourselves because we forget who we are, or haven’t identified what is inside of us. Truth be told – if anything or anyone has to make you give up who you are, you should run. Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back to rediscover ‘Who you are’ so that you will be able to walk in the fullness of YOU, undistracted.

Don’t get me wrong. No one is perfect, and each of us have something we are walking through to help us be better people. But inside each of us is a PERSON, a PURPOSE, and a STRENGTH no one can take away; the 3 work together to define who you are… A definition that may not always fit in the box of what those around you expect, but that inspires your destiny.

So who do you know you are??

If you are an Eagle, then you know you are a high flyer, full of vision, free, and comfortable enough to run solo.

If you are a Lion, then you know you are noble. You are a born leader and your presence comes with command. It is not arrogance, it is just what you are made of.

I will use the example of the horse. I never knew there were different types until I did a little research on them. The hot bloods are the racing horses, slim in stature, and born with strength, endurance, spirit, boldness and speed. The cold bloods are the work horses, for example those pulling carriages. They are muscular in stature, and born with strength, patience and calmness. If you cross their roles, they fail to function as they should. What is my point – Each of these horses is born with the personality and build to do what they were created for.

Whoever you find that you are, I want you to know that it is okay. Be who you are and walk in the strength of who you are even if people do not understand it. Why? Because at the end of the day, YOU ARE YOU, and I am I. You should not need to apologise for being you. We each walk in the line of our purpose and strength. But of course in all, be humble.

**Great men and women walk in the knowledge and confidence of who they are and what they are born to do mindset**


© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2014

(Previously published on Facebook in August 2014)

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