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Wow! She did what Part 2: The sound of cheering

(Previously published on 9 March, 2015)

So last week I started my appreciation of Hyvon Ngetich, the amazing Kenyan marathon runner who made the world smile some days ago when she collapsed only a few metres from the finish line, but then crawled to the end on her knees and hands, still completing the race in third place. What a lady! Well… I’m not going to rant on here again about her amazing determination (please see my blog post from last week), but this week I want to write about the second thing that struck me while watching the video – and that is the voices that were around here at that tough moment.


Did you notice the crowds cheering? The commentator praising? The race volunteers clapping and cheering her on? Or the wheel chair being rolled behind her… just in case? I mean – she refused to sit in the wheel chair they brought, and no one could also finish the race for her or assist her so she did not get disqualified; so they did the next best thing they could – They cheered her on.


Would she still have managed to make it through to the finish line under the conditions she found herself, and without all that encouragement? Hmm!… Good question. Maybe, maybe not. We would never know. But what I know is that Hyvon Ngetich is one tough cookie. Albeit, her journey to the finish line was made more bearable, because she had all that support around her; voices cheering her on.


Sometimes that’s all people need. Just people to cheer them on. When I went through my darkest moments; moments I was not sure I would get through,… it was the few voices that cheered me on, empathised, or reminded me of who I was when I no longer knew it, that helped me find the strength to keep fighting and not give up. It makes the journey more endurable.


Fact is we may not share races. Our journeys will also not be identical and our timings different. But while we each run our individual race, we can still cheer each other on; celebrate the great moments, and support though the tough times.


Truth is – someone may need to hear your cheer today. Someone may need to hear your ‘voice of empathy’. Someone may need to see you accept them even if you don’t approve of their ways. Someone may need to see you clap for them. Someone may need to hear you say “You can do this my friend”. Someone may need to see you take a walk with them, on what is a tough path.


The sound of cheering can help make dreams come through. It will make a bitter journey more manageable. You yourself will find it fulfilling being someone’s Race Volunteer. It’s all about helping each other. It’s all about lifting someone up.


So again before I go, I’ll like to say with no hesitation… I salute you Hyvon Ngetich! Thanks for inspiring me.


** We all need encouragement at one point or the other mindset**

Have you had any experience with being cheered on and like to share? Why not do so in the comments box below.



© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2015



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