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Believe in me

(Previously published March 2014)

As a young child I was not academically strong and did not have much belief in myself. My report cards were filled with P’s and F’s (Lol!), hardly any C’s or B’s and don’t even think as far as an A. I remember wanting to go into arts and studying the likes of Theatre Arts or Broadcasting.

But at the age of 13 and in SS1, my dad like most parents, wanted me to become a medical Doctor and said SCIENCEEESSSSSS…

My  School Guidance & Counsellor called me to the office and told me she had told my father that I would not cope in sciences, and so should I start failing, they had said their bit and had warned. To be honest – she was only stating the obvious, based on evidence. But now, almost 20 years later, I have a Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering (my dad didn’t get the medical doctor but I was close enough.. Lol!), and with flying colours.

So parents, the next time someone tells you your child is not good enough, tell them “Thank you but I believe in my child”. Same goes for YOU reading this; the next time someone doubts your abilities, tell them “try me”. Let’s face it – Not everyone will be a Lawyer, scientist, Medical doctor or Engineer. But every child is different and born with great potential and skill that must be recognized. Some will be great athletes, and others great artists, social media gurus, actors (well, they are the celebrities and money makers when you think about it) or other. But whichever way, you must believe in your child, support them, and let them know that you love them, even when they don’t make you the proudest..


**Seeds of love and kind words can do wonders to a child mindset**


© Dr Vivian O. Ikem, 2014

(Previously published on Facebook in March 2014)

It’s only fair to share…!


It's only fair to share...!

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