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The Confident Leader Assessment Checklist is your Confidence MOT tool. Completing this self assessment will:


  • Give you your current state confidence profile


  • Provide an awareness of areas you can focus on to grow your confidence & be a confident leader

  • Increase your awareness of factors impacting on your leadership, confidence and performance professionally and personally

… and more.

About The Author 

Dr Viv is a Life Reset & Self Reinvention Strategist, Certified Life Coach, People Builder and Consultant with a background in Chemical Engineering and Management Consulting.

She is also the author of Shadows in the Mirror – The Many Faces of Depression and contributing author a contributing Author in Unzenable – A Guide to Stress Less and be More.

Inspired by her own journey, she is driven by a strong passion to help ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs overcome self judgement and rebuild identity, confidence and capacity to get back on their feet and perform at their highest potential again quickly, after a personal/ professional setback. Her goal is to help 1000 or more ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their life and professional goals by 2024. 

She is a writer, singer and host of the podcast show Reset with Dr Viv.

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