During this Online Class hosted by Self-Reinvention strategist Dr Viv, you will:

  • Discover the secret step by-step process you must take to overcome negative emotions and reprogram your mind to rebuild momentum with your life & career goals.

  • Learn how to rediscover yourself & potential and close confidence gaps crippling your ability to show up as the person/leader you want to be.

  • Understand what you are doing right and learn what you have been doing wrong on your journey of self rediscovery and rebuilding momentum with your goals.

  • Get awareness of common negative thought patterns impacting your psychology to operate confidently and perform at your highest potential, pursuing anything you want.

  • Learn how to manage your emotions and take back control of your mind so you don’t get stuck with the emotions attached to failure that make you unproductive in reaching your goals

       .… and so much more

About Your Host 

Dr Viv is a Life Reset & Self Reinvention Strategist, Certified Life Coach, International Speaker and Consultant with a background in Chemical Engineering and Management Consulting.

She is also the author of Shadows in the Mirror – The Many Faces of Depression and contributing author in Unzenable – A Guide to Stress Less and be More.

Inspired by her own journey, she is driven by a strong passion to help ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs overcome negative emotions and rebuild their sense of identity & confidence so they comfortably regain momentum with their life and career goals, especially after a personal/ professional setback. Her goal is to help 1000 or more ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their life and professional goals by 2024. 

She is a writer, singer and host of the podcast show Reset with Dr Viv.