7 Mindset Mistakes Costing You Your Health, Career and Relationships & How to Overcome Them

In This Free Masterclass, You Will Discover

~ Mindset secrets confident and successful people apply, that you should too

~ The main reason you feel stuck and why it can be a good thing

~ 7 Mindset mistakes you don’t know you are making that’s costing you your health, career and relationships

Calling all Career Professionals, Introverts and Overthinkers...

Are you sick and tired of anxiety, self doubt, fear of failure or imposter syndrome getting in the way of you achieving your most important life goals?

Have you been through a negative life experience that is holding you back or keeping you stuck - for example a divorce, depression, anxiety or toxic relationship?

Is your loss of identity and confidence making you perform below your potential and settle for less?

Do you struggle with being consistent and focused with your goals?

In This Free Masterclass, You Will Learn:


How your mindset causes you anxiety and makes you self sabotage on your goals so much you get stuck


How to overcome the mindset mistakes you are making and become confident, fearless and unstoppable in yourself to pursue anything you want


How to accelerate success towards your health, career and relationship goals


...and much more!

You Need to Sign Up For This Masterclass If:

  • You get lost in your head and in anxiety, not knowing what to do to be more productive
  • You feel lost and struggle with your identity, so much it makes you shrink, question yourself and your decisions
  • You are unhappy with your life and feel you are not where you should be
  • You know you have so much potential but find that your lack of confidence is robbing you of maximising those potentials
  • You’ve struggled with anxiety, self doubt, overthinking, fear of failure or imposter syndrome
  • You want to stop being seen as the ‘reliable one’ who pleases everyone at the expense of your own health and goals
  • You repeatedly start projects but stop mid-way and so make no progress with your goals
  • You want to be healthier mentally and emotionally 
  • You want to become bold, fearless and unstoppable in pursuit of anything you want

Meet Your Presenter!

Hey,  I’m Dr Viv, The Reset Queen…

I am a Life Reset & Self Reinvention Strategist, Certified Life & Leadership Coach, International Speaker and Consultant with a background in Chemical Engineering (with PhD) and Management Consulting.

I am also the author of Shadows in the Mirror – The Many Faces of Depression and contributing author in Unzenable – A Guide to Stress Less and be More.

Inspired by my own journey of self loss, depression and recovery, I am driven by a strong passion to help ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs overcome negative emotions and rebuild momentum with their life, career and relationship goals, especially after a personal/ professional setback. I do this through my Reset Squad Academy and programs.

My goal is to help 1000 or more ambitious leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their life and professional goals by 2024.

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