Attention: Ambitious Career Women, Introverts and Recovering Perfectionists

Finally, a 5-step Framework That Eliminates Negative Thought Patterns and Takes You From Anxious and frozen to Confident and Fearless

(stop going round in circles and save time with a proven framework)

You are not alone.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a high achieving woman who is tired of your negative emotions, fears & doubts getting in the way of your life, relationship and career growth.
I know what it means to be where you are now.

I am an ambitious woman. I was a perfectionist and high achiever working as a management consultant in a top UK firm; a best graduating student from a prestigious UK university with a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

I had high expectations of myself. Other people had high expectations of me. I was used to being seen as ‘the reliable one,” and definitely liked the thrill of achieving goals.

…Then it all came crumbling down.

About 9 years ago I suffered trauma, anxiety and depression that totally crippled me and threw my life far off track. I took significant time off work recuperating, lost my happiness and found myself extremely low in self esteem and confidence.

Returning to work from sick leave was tough as I doubted myself & my abilities, and struggled to perform at the level expected of me. I found myself in a state of helplessness that I was not used to. My feelings of fear, failure, self doubt and anxiety made me play small and hide away from being seen or heard.

I was desperate for help and tried different things…

From therapy to medication, self help books, motivational videos, yoga meditation, high paying personal development programs and more… and yet I still struggled.

That was until I met a particular coach who had been through something similar to me…; who understood where I was in my journey and had the empathy to guide me back to my high performing self and potential.

I finally went from anxious, overwhelmed and scared to be seen or heard in public to:

  • Becoming an author (Shadows in the Mirror – The Many Faces of Depression)
  • Finding my voice and speaking at international events
  • Giving a live training to 2500 people
  • Getting promoted at work
  • Leading teams of people on large scale projects from strategy to execution
  • Loving myself more and being surrounded by healthy, loving relationships

This transformational journey was not easy – it was long, painful, expensive and filled with a tonne of mistakes that could have been avoided if I had known better earlier.

So I promised myself that I will do whatever I can to help others heal and rebuild themselves. I took a step back to reflect, strip out all the fluff and break down the system I used to overcome the negative emotions/beliefs holding me back, and rebuild my self esteem, confidence and performance, so you can do the same too…

…only faster and with more structure and guidance…

Today I am excited to announce this 5-Step framework is ready for you.

Introducing The Anxious To Confident Blueprint

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Anxious to Confident Blueprint

  • What confidence really is and why it is important – so that you can correct your misconceptions around confidence and build it the right way.
  • Negative thought patterns and how they impact you – so that you gain awareness of the mental / emotional factors keeping you in a state of anxiety and self sabotage that cripples your productivity and performance.
  • The 3 mistakes you are currently making while trying to rebuild your confidence – so that you avoid them and accelerate the process of rebuilding your confidence to perform at your highest potential.
  • The 5-step blueprint to go from ‘anxious and frozen’ to ‘confident and fearless’ – so that you know what you need to do to start operating from a place of confidence where you start seeing yourself make tangible progress on your life, relationship and career goals.
If you overcome your negative emotions / fears and go from anxious to confident, you will rebuild belief in yourself, boost your performance and accomplish more in 30 days than you have in the last 3 years.


Here’s everything you’re going to get your hands on when you enroll

You are moments away from getting your hands on the most complete confidence rebuilding framework ever assembled. Learning included will enable more self worth, happiness, health, confidence and productivity to bring you more income.

Here’s why I spent over £10,000 to learn this framework so you don’t have to

My own journey back to self and potential was long and expensive. I invested more time and money than I can count, seeking help.. from therapists, coaches, and personal development programs.

Countless hours and tears spent working on myself…. and I am summing up what I learnt in this system so you have a smoother, quicker transformational journey.

This framework will normally cost $597

… yours today for just $47

14 days money-back guarantee. I am so confident that knowing this 5-step framework will help you. If you don’t like it, you’ll get back what you paid today

I don’t know what your goals are right now but I know you don’t like where you are right now and how you feel.

Is playing small and not progressing in your life & career a price you’re happy to keep paying?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions I get...

I agree with you. There’s loooaaaads of amazing podcasts, youtube videos and books that you can read up or listen to, to rebuild your confidence & help you get motivated back to performing at your highest potential.

I salute your courage and patience, if you can navigate the many random resources to figure out what you really need. Phew! I was overwhelmed when I tried it on my own years ago.

But that’s the beauty of learning a tried and tested transformational framework that guides you on what to do. It saves you time and makes your recovery process faster.

Sure – you look good & happy on the outside. In fact you’ve been good at masking what you really feel, being the strong one and wanting people to see you as having it all together, even when you are struggling on the inside.

But how much longer can you go on like this – not looking after yourself?

The question is “ what do you keep losing because you choose to stay the same?”… and “what could you gain if you dropped the ‘all is good” facade and put in the work to improve your life?” Your choice.

Yes I get it. Investing in yourself is scary, especially if you’re not used to taking care of yourself.

But let me ask you this – do you know that you are important enough to invest in yourself; your growth; your healing and self-care? You spend money on food, on other people, on new clothes and even crap you don’t really need. What more your own healing, recovery and wholeness.

Do you realise that you are important enough and essential enough? Just Imagine how much better your life would be if you believed in yourself again and could start taking more action without fear or overwhelm. Imagine how much progress you could make in your life and career. Imagine how much more income you could make. Think about how happy and fulfilled you will feel.

Do you still think your life and future are not worth every penny you invest in yourself?

This tried & tested 5-step framework is a summary of what I learnt works, after countless hours, months and years spent looking for help in my own journey. It is what I’ve also used with my clients and proven works.
It is designed to shift your entire perspective and transform you. Commit yourself to following the system.

Like any training – whether this works for you comes down purely to how much you put into it. I will tell you everything I know and leave nothing unturned. But it’s over to you to get the results.